For Investors

The Basinghall formula

We add value by connecting Startups with capital and customers; Industry Partners with innovation; and Investors with all of the above

… Startups with capital and customers

… Industry Partners with innovation

… Investors with all of the above

The Basinghall formula cultivates returns and mitigates risk, by investing in solutions to real-world challenges. Though intelligent data-matching, our funds are targeted towards early-stage European companies whose product offerings are set to transform established industry. By unlocking their access to relevant markets, performance is elevated, and investment is better protected.

Benefits for Investors

Basinghall is Venture+ with strong network effects between investors, investments and partners

Venture Fund

  • Investment in tomorrow's industrial entrepreneurs

  • High return possibility

Basinghall Innovation Circle

  • Access transformative solutions via our innovation platform


  • Access attractive startup investments alongside an established VC fund



You imagine, we empower.

To pioneering startups we’re a venture partner, a trusted ally, and a breakthrough route to growth. Scale your business, open new markets and collaborate with hands-on partners whose expertise can unlock your potential.

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Industry Partners


Fuelling innovation to reimagine industry.

Europe is an industry powerhouse – but in a time of rapid change, established sectors face intense pressure to adapt. Our data-driven methodology matches industry partners with the startups that can unlock their transformation for the digital age.

Basinghall Innovation Circle is a network of industry partners interested in engaging, collaborating and experimenting with innovative start-ups for the benefit of European Industry.

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